Castle-Fight v1.21a (10.09.2011)

Gameplay Fixes:

-Log file ‘\Warcraft III\CastleFightESData\LastReplay.log’ can be found in ‘\Warcraft III\Replay\LastReplay.log’ now

Balance Fixes

Nature Force:
-Corrected time production for spiders (23, 33, 46 seconds)
-Increased price for Ancient Guardian (250g, 400l -> 250g, 500l)
-Corrected time duration of ability ‘Cyclone’ [Ancient of Gale] (3 sec. -> 5 sec.)
-Increased price for Ancient of Hibernation (220g -> 260g)
-Decreased chance of bash and critical strike for Bear (Bash 15%; Critical Strike 20%)
Elven Union:
-Increased price for Hall of Honor (200g -> 220g)
-Increased price for Hall of the Eldest (220g -> 260g)

Castle-Fight v1.21 (09.09.2011)

Balance Fixes:

-Heavy Gunner attack cd increased (1,5->1,7)
-HP regeneration for Warlocks increased (0,5->1,5)
Naga Fraction:
-Winged Serpent maximum HP increased (410->450)
Elven Union:
-Ballistas range increased (750->850)
-Solar Strike damage increased (60->80)
Undead Legions:
-Vampires do not spawn another vampires from undead units anymore.
Orcish Horde:
-Spellbreaker Kodos maximum HP increased (1000->1200)
-Catapults splash radius decreased (240->160)
Northern Realms:
-Magnataur upgrade gold cost (280->250)
-Increased AOE for Frost Nova (250->300)
Corrupted Ones Conglomerate:
-Nether Drake and Shadow Drake do not waste mana on buidlings anymore.
-Mana regeneration for Nether Drake increased (1->1,5)
-Increased attack range for Incubus (480->530).
-Cooldown for Well of Pain decreased (2->1,3).
-Mine Layer Factory price [Mine Layer] has been set to 150 (100 -> 150)
Night Elves:
-Sage Druid upgrade gold cost (260>210)
-Number of targets for Mass Entange decreased (4->3).
-Range for Faerie Dragon heal increased to 400.

Gameplay Fixes:

-All reported bugs were fixed.

-Reworked AI for Asassins.
-Reworked using of RS for bots.
-Freezing Blast do not ignore Shields anymore.
-Blessing adds maximum HP for targeted unit now.
-Power Plant adds necessary buffs for Blood Fiend.
-Power Plant does remove Frost Launcher’s buff now.

-Added new race – Nature Race.
-Added multiboard for observers.
-Added command “-afk”.
-Added command “-nafk”.
-Added command “-mode”.
-Added command “-glwX” (game limit win). Add time limit for rounds. When the time limit reached, wins a team whoes player built first building. Example: -glw30
-Added command “-glsX” (game limit draw). Same as above, but instead of win round counts as draw result.
-Added command “-pause”. To unpause type it again.
-Added command “-env”. Possible modifications are: “ice”, “ice2″, “lava”. Example: -envice2
-Added debug system. To turn it off use “-ndb”. This command should be used in Tournament games!

-Description and tooltip errors fixes.
-Temporarily removed “-play” command due its unstable work.
-Removed Data Manager System due desync issues and restrictions for usage.

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