Castle-Fight v1.20a (29.07.2011)

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements:
-Added seriosly changes in all gamemodes. Perhaps now fixed bug with non-created builders.
-Fixed a bug due to which class of units ‘Assassin’ was able to hunt the invisible units of class ‘Assassin’.
-Removed preloader of units, except for builders.
-Fixed problem with autocast of some special buildings.
-Now you can see enemy castle in fog of war.
-Fixed a vulnerability in algorithm of advanced statistics.
-Fixed AI behavior when it’s no free space.
-Modification’-mp’ are no longer changes colors of players.
-Corrected algorithm that related with violations alliances.
-Fixed a bug “saved mines”.
-Restored the animation script ‘Well of Pain’.
-Fixed mode ‘-dr’.
Balance Fixes:
-Decreased ability power Quill Aura [Quill Demon] (power: 50%->35%)
High Elfs:
-Decreased cost Bloodelf War Academy [Bloodthirster] (285->275)
-Increased ability power Incinerate [Void Keeper] (dmg: 40->80)
-Decreased aura bonus Offensive Kodo Rider (40%->30%)
-Increased aura bonus Defensive Kodo Rider (3->4)
-Decreased cost Ceremonial Totem (250,650->250,540)
-Decreased spell power Tribal Blessing [Ceremonial Totem] (cd: 8->10)
Night Elfs:
-Decreased cost Fountain of Wonders [Faerie Dragon] (280->260)
-Increased spell power Starfall [Starfall Obelisk] (ttl: 10.01->11.00)
-Decreased spell power AA Rockets [Rocket Tank] (dmg: 100->75)

Castle-Fight v1.20 (08.07.2011)

Bug Fixes:
-Renewed controller of additional animation scenarios
-Added unit preload
-Added trees restauration
-Fixed bug when World Freezers orbs doesnt dissapeares on the end of round
-Fixed bug when Vampires has been spawning another Vampires from tentacles
-Fixed bug when Vampires has been spawning another Vampires from tanks
-Fixes in gameplay interface
-Added transparency to Neither Drakes
-Fixed lumber bounty for Shamanic Tent
-Added AI
-Added -fill command
-Added observers (-play command)
-Added message about picked race on -dr mode
-Fixed bug when Lich has been killing himself due “Instant Kill” ability if its target were unit with abilities that returns damage
-Now if you leave, AI takes control of your units (exception -mp mode)
-Added game statistic for players (commands: -me, -info
(or could be first letters of player name))

Balance Fixes:

-Chapel price [Crusader] has been set to 250 (280 -> 250)
-Bounty for destroying Chapel (55 -> 49)
-Church price [Paladin] has been set to 260 (245 -> 260)
-Marksman speed (240 -> 200)
-Heroic Shrine price:
gold: 700 -> 600
lumber: 1800 -> 1600
-Heroic Shrine chance to create additional unit has been set to 19% instead of 24%
-Human artillery cooldown has been increased up to 15 sec. from 12 sec.

-Removed Murloc Hut (now 1st building for murlocs is Murloc Camp)
-Murloc Camp price [Murloc Warrior] has been set to 170 (130 -> 170)
-Murloc Village price [Murloc Champion] has been set to 180 (150 -> 180)
-Bounty for destroying Murloc Village (79 -> 69)
-Murloc Fortress price [Murloc Asassin] has been set to 190 (200 -> 190)
-Bounty for destroying Murloc Fortress (119 -> 107)
-Naga Royal Guardian cleaving attack deals now 25% of its normal damage
-Naga Siren purge cooldown has been set to 10 sec. instead of 6 sec.
-Dragon Turtle thornshell reflects 60% of melee damage now
-Oracle max mana has been set to 16
-Oracle cooldown has been set to 16 sec. instead of 18 sec.

-Red Dragons hp has been set to 800 from 900
-Quill Aura of Quill Demon reflects 50% of damage now and has range of 350 (35% before in 150 range)

-All Vampires received Hero armor instead of Heavy
-Lesser Vampire armor has been set to 1 instead of 4
-Vampire armor has been set to 3 instead of 6
-Lifesteal aura of Vampire restores 30% of dealt damage for ally melee units now
-Vampire Lord armor has been set to 4 instead of 7
-Vampire Lord hp has been set to 650 instead of 750
-Graveyard price [Vampire Lord] has been set to 265 (245 -> 265)
-Time of building for Vampire Lord has been increased up to 40 sec. (38 sec. before)
-Carrion Swarm of Mighty Necromancer have 25% chance to be casted now instead of old 20%

-AOE damage of Frost Nova [Ice Queens] has been set to 75 instead of 150
-Chilling Mushroom deals 200 damage instead of 300

High Elves:
-Bloodelf War Academy price [Bloodthirster] has been set to 285 (275 -> 285)
-Ballistas range has been set to 750 from 950
-Ballistas damage spill distance has been reduced from 400 to 200
-Wizards Healing Wave reduces it effect by 30% with every bounce (20% before)
-Wizards Chain Lightning chance has been reduced from 40% to 30%
-Dragonhawks Solar Strike damage has been reduced from 130 to 60
-Obelisk Of Light price:
gold: 235 -> 250
lumber: 450 -> 500
-Bounty for destroying Obelisk Of Light (46 -> 49)
-Hall of Honor price [Blademaster] has been set to 200 (220 -> 200)
-Bounty for Desroing Hall of Honor (43 -> 40)
-Added 15% Spell Resist ability to Blademaster
-Added 25% Spell Resist ability to Elder Blademaster
-Added Spell Steal ability to Elder Blademaster

-Well Pain price:
gold: 275 -> 275
lumber: 420 -> 480
-Bounty for destroying Well of Pain (54 -> 59)
-Touch of Pain [Well of Pain] cooldown has been set from 0.8 sec. to 2 sec
-Eye of Corruption now have permanent 6 armor decrease ability

-Kodos hp has been set to 1000 instead of 1100
-All Kodos upgrades cost 100 gold now
-All Kodos build time has been set to 33 sec.
-Reduced Spell Breaker Kodo hp to 1000 instead of 1200
-Melee Damage Aura of Offensive Kodo gives 40% bonus now instead of old 25%
-Bounty for destroying Offencive Kodo Farm (79 -> 71)
-Bounty for destroying Defensive Kodo Farm (79 -> 71)
-Bounty for destroying Spell Breaker Kodo Farm (79 -> 71)
-Ceremonial Totem price:
gold: 250 -> 250
lumber: 540 -> 650
-Serpent Rock price:
gold: 350 -> 270
lumber: 750 -> 640
-Bounty for destroying Serpent Rock (69 -> 53)
-Poison Area time effect has been reduced from 20 sec. to 15 sec.

Night Elves:
-Fountain of Wonder price [Faerie Dragon] has been set to 280 (260 -> 280)
-Spell Resistance given by Obelisk of Wilderness has been reduced from 55% to 40%
-Starfalls time has been increased by 1 sec. (9 sec. -> 10 sec.)
-Has been increased number of targets for Mass Entange [Sage Druids] by 1 (3 targets -> 4 targets)

-Mine Layer Factory price [Mine Layer] has been set to 100 (150 -> 100)
-Heavy Tank Factory price [Heavy Tank] has been set to 200 (250 -> 200)
-Heave Tank build time has been set to 34 sec. instead of 36 sec.
-Bounty for destroying Heavy Tank Factory (85 -> 75)
-Rocket Tank Factory price [Rocket Tank] has been set to 150 (100 -> 150)
-Rocket Tank hp has been increased to 900 from 800
-AA Rockets [Rocket Tank] deals 100 spell damage to air units instead of old 50
-Decreased chance of Iron Golem Bash from 25% to 15%
-Gobbo Machinist repairs faster now. It’s repair cooldown has been set from 1.5 sec. to 1 sec.
-Gobbo Machinist collision size has been set to 1 (16 before)
-Spare Part Heap price [Gobbo Machinist]:
gold: 250 -> 250
lumber: 480 -> 350
-Energy Burst [Energy Tower] chance has been decreased from 20% to 15%

-Rune of Repair cooldown has been set to 180 sec. (before it was 240 sec.)

-play command info:

-play command:
Gives you possibility to create teams and choose spectators (so now it can be more than 2). After setting teams press “Apply” button.
All changes will be set on the new round (so you can use it during the game).
Dialog pauses game on its own.
Only Red player can use this command.

-me command:
Shows your personal full statistic.

-info <nickname> command (also can be used 1st letter or symbol of player name):
Shows statistic of player you want to check.

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